Saturday, July 15, 2006

More updates...

Originally posted at 2-9-06 13:40

So I've been a bit quiet on the blog, mostly because our SDK has been selling well and supporting our clients is keeping us very busy! Although not annouced, the latest version of ToneThis that was made available for download approximately 3-4 months ago is 2.62 - this fixed some bugs, most importantly greater support for more CD-ROM drives.

We have another major annoucement today, we have decided to make ToneThis 100% free! We still continue to make money by enabling companies to integrate ringtones and wallpapers via our SDK and we still sell a "pro" version of ToneThis into retail, have you checked out your local Fry's yet? We also re-introduced the forums, the forums proved to be an effective avenue for discussing ToneThis but for also solving and fixing general cellphone issues, check it out.

Lastly, as I said in my previous entry, we are working on a new version that 3X better than anything out there, we're hoping to have a beta very soon.


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