Saturday, July 15, 2006

ToneThis 3.0 Beta is finally here!

Hey Guys,

After a long 4 months, our ToneThis 3.0 beta is finally here for testing. The delays were well worth it - we have packaged every requested feature + more into a single app. Here is a sampling of what we've added:

- Redesigned skin, way nicer looking
- Better ringtone editing tools
- Better wallpaper editing tools
- Support for video w/ video editing tools
- Free mobile games
- Free ringtones, wallpapers and videos provided by third-parties including indie artists
- Sharing capabilities, now you can share your favorite creation to a friend
- Favorites, mark content you want to re-send later
- New options dialog for all the power users, do check it out

And more... Oh, and our new website of course!

Since we're beta, we are looking for bugs, I'll be creating a new forum for reporting bugs on the new version - we are actively seeking bugs and fixing...

Thanks, looking fwd to hearing the feedback.

Before I forget, we're still FREE.


Need a job?

Originally posted at 3-2-06 11:16

Hey Folks, I'm looking for some marketing interns and power-users of ToneThis looking for some part-time work. We are getting closer with our next version and I would like to get some beta testing done; additionally, I need some marketing interns to help promote it - all for pay of course! Shoot an email to partner at tonethis dot com if you are interested. Thanks.

More updates...

Originally posted at 2-9-06 13:40

So I've been a bit quiet on the blog, mostly because our SDK has been selling well and supporting our clients is keeping us very busy! Although not annouced, the latest version of ToneThis that was made available for download approximately 3-4 months ago is 2.62 - this fixed some bugs, most importantly greater support for more CD-ROM drives.

We have another major annoucement today, we have decided to make ToneThis 100% free! We still continue to make money by enabling companies to integrate ringtones and wallpapers via our SDK and we still sell a "pro" version of ToneThis into retail, have you checked out your local Fry's yet? We also re-introduced the forums, the forums proved to be an effective avenue for discussing ToneThis but for also solving and fixing general cellphone issues, check it out.

Lastly, as I said in my previous entry, we are working on a new version that 3X better than anything out there, we're hoping to have a beta very soon.

New version 2.6 and in retail!

Originally posted at 7-6-05 15:47

We released ToneThis 2.6 today. For this release, we've been very busy with infrastructure improvements for global support and with work to support our partners. ToneThis is now available worldwide and for a bunch of regional US carriers. We also fixed a mistake with our last version and that was imposing the 100kb limit on the max ringtone size. The generic limit has been removed and is only enforced when the ringtone you've created exceeds the max ringtone size for your phone. For our next release, we are doing a complete re-write of the application with a brand-new UI and a tons of new features.

We also launched the ToneThis SDK so if you are seeking to add mobile ringtone or wallpaper or even video functionality into your application or website, we have a solution for you; there are a number of customers using it right now. I also want to mention that we launched ToneThis into retail, look for RingFactory (our retail brand) at your local Walmart or BestBuy.

Some updates...

Originally posted at 3-27-05 17:12

Folks, I want to apologize right off the bat for the poor customer service these past few weeks. Spring is wireless conference season and I've been traveling almost every other week. I promise I am going to work through all the emails this week. I'm also seeking to hire someone to improve my customer service, if you are interested in a job, please email me at and give me a brief on your job experience / hours and expected salary. You will get the self-satisfaction of contributing to a product that has been used by 100,000+ people.

It appears for a lot of you, your problem is registering because your phone number already exists in the database. For some reason, I don't believe that ToneThis is so popular :), that everyone's phone number is already in the ToneThis database. Folks, if you have already registered, please login and purchase the application. If you used up your trial and want more freebies, please do not try to convince me that you just got your phone due to local number portability - if you want more trials, ask me and I will grant you more trials. Please, I don't need to be bombarded with the 30 emails a day about "my number is already in the database" issue.

It also appears, that several of you have paid but the application still thinks it's in trial mode. In the rare case, the Paypal payment notification is lost, I cannot enable the purchaser for unlimited ringtones and wallpapers, please fill out this new support page I made - it should expedite things. The majority of the time, this error occurs if you have registered with a different number than the number you entered into the application. Please look at your number via the "Profile" button and verify that is your correct number. Then look at the ToneThis purchase confirmation email you recieve after purchase, is the number in the email the same as your number in the application?

As for me, these past 2-3 months, I have been fairly idle on the site. The reason is that I've been working 80-100 hour weeks for my full-time job and for supporting two big partner projects for ToneThis - the partner project annoucements will be made shortly in the news section, they are exciting for the future of ToneThis and will result in more stable versions and better carrier / handset support.

Version 2.5 that was released today added WAV and CD support. It also allows for users to change their number, carrier and handset within the application so if you have multiple phones within the family, you can all use the application. Note, you still have to buy a copy per phone number! We've also beefed up the phone list quite a bit but the #1 feature of this version is it is very stable and all known bugs from Windows 98 to Windows XP have been addressed.

In the coming months, we are working to add support for 10s of more carriers worldwide and several of those little carriers you have been asking for in the states. We're also adding a feature I think you guys / gals will all love so stay tuned! PS, MAC fans, some good news for you coming soon as well...


2.21 patch

Originally posted at 12-22-04 15:47

I apologize for the hiccup this morning, we had some problems with our database and so I took the site down. It's back up and working. I also posted version 2.21 which fixes the missing MFC DLL error some of you wallpaper users were experiencing. Please download the new version and ignore the 2.2 in the installer, it really is 2.21.

2.2 released

Originally posted at 12-18-04 19:31

2.2 is released. Check out the new wallpaper feature, it's pretty cool, I've been using it a lot lately. 2.2 also fixes support on the LG 6100 and Windows 98.


Originally posted at 12-10-04 00:52

Folks, 2.13 fixes the chipmunk bug and adds some new devices. Stay tuned for more.

Load and preview errors

Originally posted at 12-02-04 23:36

Many of you experienced loading errors and preview errors - this was due to a new MP3 decoder that we were using in 2.11. We've reverted back to the older MP3 decoder which should fix this but may potentially reintroduce the chipmunk bug (fast playback). If you experience this, please try a different MP3 until we patch this.

In the process of fixing this, I also discovered a bug where if you make a reverse selection (end to the beginning), it will convert to .15K which many of you have faced; this has been fixed. 2.12 posted now, I apologize for these issues.

New version 2.11

Originally posted at 11-22-04 20:32

I've posted a new version, ToneThis 2.11 that fixes the "&" problem described below.

I will be on vacation from Wed to Wed over Thanksgiving weekend with little access to email. I'll try to handle all customer support email until then otherwise don't expect to hear from me until the following week. As always, many of your questions have been answered in the forum.

I'm also aware of the several Verizon issues accross a few different devices, I'm looking into it and I'll keep you posted. It seems to be very random, works on certain users' devices but not others.

Some bugs

Originally posted at 11-22-04 8:15

I've discovered a bug in the ToneThis app that may be causing some of you problems. ToneThis doesn't properly handle MP3 filenames if it contains an "&". The fix is to only open MP3 files that do not have a "&" in the filename otherwise you will not receive your text message. Stay tuned, I'll have a new version up shortly with this fixed.

Little behind...

Originally posted at 11-19-04 16:35

I'm a behind on support email / forum posts. I'll get through them by Mon.