Friday, March 09, 2007

ToneThis Product Updates

Hey Folks,

So we've had the 3.0 Beta out for almost 6 months now - we've been fixing bugs and improving the product on all fronts. I want to update you w/ the latest:

1. We are weeks away from releasing ToneThis 3.0 Final - this has been the effort of the whole community for the past year - I'm really looking forward to it!
2. As part of releasing 3.0 Final, we will officially launch ToneThis Pro Edition - many folks have emailed me asking, how can they buy Pro Edition - well, the issue is you can't buy it yet since we haven't yet made it available :) A few more weeks...
3. We have added public domain content from both Revver and Flickr - check it out, this is just the first phase, soon you will be able to publish your creations back to these loved services.
4. We have added premium games and I know many have asked how they can get the games for free - stay tuned...
5. We have officially delivered 5M pieces of content through ToneThis and it's partners - Woot!
6. We have expanded to 20 more countries, we are nearly in 100 countries - more on it's way.
7. We re-launched ToneThis into retail - it's called My ToneThis Ringtone and Media Mixxer Studio - check it out at CompUSA.

And lastly, thanks for the support - please keep the bug reports and feature requests coming. I want to make sure ToneThis is the best product for sending your mobile content to your phone.

raj at tonethis dot com